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It is our goal to meet the presentation needs of your business. We have the experience that enables us to understand how important the design for your presentation is to your business – a badly designed presentation can cost you more than just money.

Our clients trust us to help them get this right, and it is part of our reward to see the success of the finished presentation in the happy faces of your audience. Knowing that our designs will ensure your attendees are able to understand and buy into your ideas and that from there, your business will blossom as those ideas become a reality, is the vision that we have, for you.

However, if you set out to have a company produce your presentation for you, there are a few traps that you need to watch out for when selecting a contractor:

* Will you be able to speak directly with the designer about your presentation needs? If you are talking to a project manager, rather than directly with the designer, can you be certain that the details you require will be passed on to the designer in such a way that the designer will understand your objective?

* Do you need your presentation completed within a tight deadline? If you need your presentation ready for distribution in a very short time, perhaps as little as just a few days from now, are you confident that your designer will be able to provide a final version in time?

* Do you have too many words per slide? Too much text on a slide can be a cause of ‘snooze ‘n’ lose’, where the attendees are becoming bored and spending too much time reading the slides and not enough listening to the presenter – do any of your slides contain too much text?

* Do your slides contain cheap shots – or power shots? A great image can make the difference between a boring slide and one that commands attention and is remembered. Attendees can instantly pick up on the ‘cheap photo/clip art’ look; hopefully you can, too, so no-one can take advantage of you.

* Is there a brand consistency throughout your deck, with the same colors, fonts and design elements being used all the way through? If your presentation is inconsistent you are going to divert attention from your overall message.

* Is the presentation room going to be well lit or dimmed? The colors used throughout your presentation need to reflect the environment in which it is being presented.

Our intention in mentioning these things is to demonstrate that we have your best interests at heart. Whether you decide to hire PowerPoint Design 24/7 to work on your presentation or not, hopefully we will have achieved our goal, and that is to make you a better informed buyer.

Of course we hope that you will feel PowerPoint Design 24/7 would be a ‘good fit’ for your needs, because we know presentation design and put a great deal of thought into what the finished outcome will mean to you, and if that is the case we would be happy for you to contact us and find out how easy it is to work with us.

As a successful presentations design firm, we do tend to have a number of projects in progress at any particular time, so contacting us sooner rather than later helps to ensure a faster turn-around time for your particular project and more flexibility in how and when your work is completed.

If you are still a little unsure as to whether PowerPoint Design 24/7 is the right company for you, here are some kind words from a few of our clients that might help:

“I realized a week or so before my seminar that my PowerPoint presentation needed a major upgrade and I didn’t have the skills to do it. I began my search online and quickly found PowerPoint Design 24/7. I was amazed at the speed and quality of work they did for me. It was absolutely the right business decision to outsource this project to them. I am extremely satisfied with their work and their prices.”

Robert I. Sandberg, CFP®, MS

Freedom Point Financial, UT

“Our consulting team had a tremendous presentation to prepare for our largest client on an incredibly aggressive timeline. The team at PPT Design 24/7 was instrumental in enabling our team to deliver a fantastic presentation; they worked to turn around multiple changes in an impressively short amount of time and always with the highest quality.”

Michael L. Duke

Director, Consulting & Management Services

Parallon Business Performance Group

“The group at PPT Design 24/7 did an incredible job with my PowerPoint presentation! It was clear, colorful, professional and full of inventive and beautiful images that matched my educational content. Even better was the service I received when I needed something updated. Updates were made quickly and efficiently. When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, there is no one better than the professionals at PPT Design 24/7. Not only will your Presentation be visually stunning but your audience will walk away having learned something from their cohesive slides.”

Eric Ostrow

Sales Manager

Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

And finally, picture the smiling faces of your audience and the improvement in the buy-in that results from the one-of-a-kind presentation we provide for you, as you pick up the phone to call us at: 1 (800) 270-5782

We look forward to hearing about your presentation!